Pacific Investments & Development Ltd.

Since 1994, Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. has demonstrated the consistent ability to discover and develop properties in markets with exceptional growth potential, in both the domestic and international arenas. Pacific’s tenacious management style and professional integrity has also contributed greatly to a successful exit on 14 projects to date, averaging a 33.9% return per year for investors over the past 14 years.

At a time when Securities Regulation is extending its protection for investors to include land investment and development entities, Pacific has quietly become a leading firm, vital to the industry by setting the standard for professional purchasing and assembly of land for Canadian and International Investors at home and abroad.

Pacific currently has six active projects located in Calgary and Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Panama City, Panama. Pacific is currently in the process of acquiring new commercial and industrial-use projects in Fort McMurray, just as that city is poised for even more 
dramatic urban infrastructure growth in the coming decade.


Principal Consultants

Brown & Associates

Nathan Petherick and Darrell Grant
Contact: 403.692.4356

Enviro Mak Inc

Ray Makowecki
Contact: 780.645.2656

Parkland Geo

Phillip Auclair and Mark Brotherton
Contact: 403.343.2428


Brad Currie
Contact: 403.341.3320

Altamira Consulting

Bruce Ball
Contact: 780.423.5840